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Welcome to MyPhysio!

At MyPhysio we are dedicated to providing quality service to each of our clients at our convenient locations in Wyndhamvale, Werribee and our brand new spectacular Sports Medicine clinic - MyPhysio Evolution.

It is the next 'Evolution' in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports performance.  Located at 141-143 Greens Rd, Wyndham Vale it houses an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Physician, Exercise Physiologist, Myotherapist and 9 Physiotherapists.

Here, We treat every individual as unique. We provide compassion and understanding  to  not only restore your maximum health as soon as possible, but make you function better than you had before. We will take that extra time to not just treat the injury, but address the cause and prevent its recurrence.

Sport Injuries Spinal and Joint Rehabilitation Special Services

myphysio Evolution
myphysio Wyndhamvale

myphysio Werribee

Contact Me Now

Call 1300 141 143 to arrange an appointment at any of our locations or the numbers for each clinic are listed below.

Myphysio Evolution
Ph. 03 9731 7258

Myphysio Wyndhamvale
Ph. 03 9742 5148

Myphysio Werribee
Ph. 03 8742 3002

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