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Redcord has been developed over the past 20 years in Norway and is now one of the most sought after rehabilitation and exercise tools in the European community. It is one of the secrets to the successes of World Champions Cadel Evans and Thor Huschovd and is now taught at MyPhysio.

The term "a red cord" is roughly translated from Norwegian meaning "a common thread". This refers to the common link between rehabilitation through identification of the body’s "weak link", improving this link via a functional program then improving it further to enhance performance.

It thereby uses all of the physiotherapists knowledge, not just in rehabilitation but also into sporting performance enhancement.

Redcord uses specific suspension rope apparatus to enhance the body’s awareness of appropriate movement. It is best described as a “core stability” training program that is able to detect the body’s weakest link through specific testing with your physiotherapist. Through specific training your physiotherapist can improve that weak link and return you to not only your previous level of function but beyond.
Redcord is appropriate for any age group and any injury.

All of our physiotherapists have undertaken the RedCord/Neurac 1 course and our MyPhysio Evolution practice boasts the largest RedCord studio in the southern hemisphere!

Your physiotherapist will determine if RedCord/Neurac is right for your rehabilitation or even give it a try in one of our RedCord group training classes.

Cervical/ Lumbar stability programs:

Current research indicates that an integral part of management of neck and back pain is a deep stabilizer muscle exercise programs. These exercises are often called core exercises in gyms but often misinterpreted as trunk or abdominal exercises. The research suggests that these deep stabiliser muscles are inhibited (switched off) by pain leading to weakness that may not improve without "specific stabilizing exercises". This is likely the cause of recurrent or chronic spinal pain.


At myphysio we promote exercises using "Pilates" equipment, "Redcord" equipment, Swissball, floor, home or gym exercises. We use our extensive biomechanical assessment and knowledge to develop a program that is tailored to suit your goals, be it elite sports, work, running performance, weekend sports or daily activities. We also suit your lifestyle with home based exercises or gym/ Pilates based programs. Any anatomical stiffness, restrictions, poor muscle recruitment is addressed in unison.

A stable spine leads to optimal performance.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates has been pioneered by Australian physiotherapists over the past 15 years as the ultimate rehabilitation tool for correcting postural and core musculature under-performance.

Recent research into neck and back pain has demonstrated that the underlying deep core muscles are unnecessarily "switched off" by pain. Recent evidence suggests that poor activation of these deep muscle groups can lead to leg and shoulder injuries as well.

A recent study into chronic long term back pain has demonstrated that Clinical Pilates is an effective form of treatment when taught by an appropriately qualified physiotherapist.

All of the physiotherapists at myphysio are qualified in Clinical Pilates and perform one on one consultations for development of an appropriate individualised program.

There are plans in 2012 to commence a Group Clinical Pilates class for appropriate patients, but this can only be attended after a referral by one of the myphysio physiotherapists.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation (also known as "back cracking") has long been believed to be the domain of chiropractors, but this is not the case.

Whilst physiotherapists perform this procedure they will commonly do it as a compliment to other therapy such as soft tissue techniques as well as a structured exercise or Clinical Pilates program, as opposed to a treatment in isolation. This way you are receiving the full armoury of skills from a health professional for your optimal spinal care.

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