High Performance Academy and Sports Physiotherapy

High Performance Academy
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MyPhysio has built a High Performance Academy at its Evolution practice that would be the envy of any Sports Institution around the world.
Utilising the skills of our Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Physician and our expertise in Strength and Conditioning training we develop training programs for aspiring elite athletes of all sports.
Our secret lies in using video analysis to determine where an athlete's movement pattern is less than ideal and testing that in specific kinetic chain testing that only our Neurac/RedCord set up could provide.
We then design a program to address these weak links to turn them into "strongest links" to make the athlete perform better with more efficiency and with less time in the medical rooms.

We have numerous athletes that are representing Australia at National and World level across many sports including athletics, cycling and boxing that are enjoying the benefits of this service.

This service is called a "High Performance Consultation" and can be requested at the time of making your booking.

Sports Physiotherapy

myphysio is privileged to have numerous physiotherapists with expertise with treating an array of sporting clientele, as well as Sam Leslie who is an APA titled Sports Physiotherapist, an honour bestowed only on those with significant experience working at the elite level as well as having his Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

Whilst all of our physiotherapists are adept at sports physiotherapy for a wide variety of sports, we each specialise in a particular sport to provide particular expertise.

Sam Athletics, AFL, Cycling, Boxing, High Performance Training
Dom Winter Sports and Martial Arts
Jacqui Swimming, Netball and AFL
Achille Cycling and Swimming
Kate Running sports and Netball
Sam D
Soccer, Basketball, Strength and Conditioning
Crossfit, Cycling, Strength and Conditioning
Netball, Trail Running  and Swimming
Cycling, Running Sports

Our goal is to work with you to achieve your goals and keep you at your desired sport for as long as possible. We utilise the latest technique and an active rehabilitation program to not only get you better, but to make you better than what you were before.

Early management of Injuries (RICE)

It is vital to treat any injury as soon as possible to help control swelling and increase the speed of recovery. If you suffer an injury such as a muscle strain or ligament tear immediate first aid treatment will help prevent complications and allow a faster healing process.

When an injury occurs, damaged soft tissue may bruise, swell or bleed (externally or internally) and become inflamed. The initial steps that should be undertaken once an injury has occurred include rest (to protect the injured structure from further injury), ice (reduce blood flow and limit swelling), compression (limit/delay swelling), and elevation (control swelling) (RICE). Physiotherapists play a vital role in supporting and implementing these principles and thus play a major role in enabling a faster recovery time.

At myphysio we believe you can go wrong with heat but you can’t go wrong with ice. Therefore as a first line management, wrap an ice pack in a tea-towel and apply for 15 mins on 45 minutes off for the first 24 hours, then make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to call

Running Biomechanical analysis

At myphysio we utilise the video analysis software "Dartfish". With this we can assess your running or sporting technique for biomechanical abnormalities which are usually attributable to muscle imbalances. Bio-mechanics involve observation and analysis of joint position and angles when moving through different ranges of movement. Our individualised Clinical Pilates and Strength and Conditioning programs can help to improve your running efficiency and correct the following common running problems.

  • Excessive lateral weight shift of pelvis
  • Excessive foot pronation acceleration
  • Inappropriate foot placement at heel strike
  • Reduced Hip extension
  • Poor spinal posture
  • Pelvic tilting
  • Poor “core” strength

We also construct individualised running programmes for runners of any level, from those wanting to run for the first time, to elite athletes. We are also happy to work in consultation with your coach to design a specific program.

Bike Set Up/Analysis

Many cyclists suffer from lower back pain, knee pain, sore shoulders, burning hands and stiff necks all of which can be due to the incorrect set up of the bicycle.

Sam Leslie has been trained in the analysis of riding technique and can make alterations to the bike to correct the biomechanics which may be leading to injury.

Video is taken of the patient riding their bike, then analysed in slow motion, showing asymmetries and problems. The bike is then altered to help correct these problems, as well as exercises prescribed to assist in the rehabilitation of the injury.

For appointments patients must bring bike, trainer and appropriate riding gear and allow 60 minutes for the analysis session and 30 minutes for the follow up session. Please notify reception staff of this at time of booking.


The team of experienced physiotherapists at MyPhysio Evolution are passionate about helping Crossfit athletes achieve their goals and improve many of the complex movements demanded within the sport of CrossFit.

Make an appointment to come down to the MyPhysio Evolution High Performance Academy today and let us help you improve your times, lift heavier and compete Rx'd.

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